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What would make a 6 yr. old boy start urinating at different spots in the house? Hidden spots like behind the couch or in a closet.

There could be a number of reasons however it is hard to give a concrete answer with little information.  Here are some additional questions to think about...  Does the child do this all the time? Is it only when a certain person is in the home? is the child only peeing or is the child poo...
Toni Rose answered this on Jun 24, 2014 Posted in Child Location Systems2 answers — Last reply 40 months ago

How does the Amber Alert GPS work?

You must already have downloaded and registered on the Amber Alert GPS Teen app or have an existing Amber Alert GPS device before downloading this app.  What the device does is use the GPS that is built in on your mobile phones to monitor your child's location. There are many things that can be...
Teresa Conti answered this on Apr 21, 2013 Posted in Child Location Systems1 answer — Last reply 55 months ago